Meta Trak S5 VTS Thatcham CAT S5 Tracking with 24hr Monitored Tracking & Driver Key Fobs

Meta Trak S5 VTS Thatcham CAT S5 Tracking with 24hr Monitored Tracking & Driver Key Fobs

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Our prices shown include V.A.T. and installation in standard vehicles.

Meta Trak S5 VTS Thatcham S5 Tracking with 24hr Monitored & Self-Monitored Tracking

Price includes installation and one years subscription. 

This system differs from the Trak 6 Thatcham CAT 6 by coming standard with driver ID tags. If a car is driven without a key tag present and alert is sent immediately. This function can alert you in instances where a vehicle is stolen using cloning keys or the now common "Relay theft" method. 

An innovative GPS tracking system with all the features and benefits of an insurance approved product.

  • 24 hour Operating Centre Monitoring.
  • Thatcham S5 VTS Insurance Approved
  • Driver Identification tags - Driver ID is mandatory and the ID tag must be attached to the key ring.
  • Dedicated user app suitable for IOS & Android
  • Online web platform.
  • Real time vehicle location and history on demand.
  • European coverage as standard.
  • Historical route view.
  • Vehicle driving statistics (driver scoring)
  • Geo-fence facility (assign specific areas which vehicle may enter or exit)  
  • Over speed warnings (set or personalise max speed limit)  
  • 12 and 24 volt compatible
  • Internal battery back-up
  • Transferable from vehicle to vehicle
  • Mark routes as private or business  
  • Connect to car alarm (optional)
  • Engine immobilisation (optional on selected vehicles)


Notifications and Alerts: You will be notified via the app, email, and by telephone* in the event of the following:

  • Device Disconnected*
  • Battery Disconnect Alert*
  • Tow-Away Alert*
  • Vehicle being driven WITHOUT the Driver ID Tag present e.g. with an unauthorised key, an alert will be sent to our SOC within seconds.
  • Battery Low Alert
  • Vehicle entering or exiting a geo-fenced area
  • Over speed warning
  • Vehicle service interval alerts (personalise vehicle service reminders)
  • Car alarm event warning (optional in conjuntion with a Meta Alarm System.
  • Vehicle engine started without driver ID tag present (optional)


Please follow this link to the Meta Trak web based tracking demonstration:  Meta Trak Web App


If prompted please login as Demo.