Citroen Reversing Camera

Citroen Reversing Camera

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Our prices shown include V.A.T. and installation in standard vehicles.

For Citroen models from 2013 onwards we can supply and install a reversing camera system that is fully integrated with your Citroen factory radio display. It is fitted as if it was there from the factory. 

The camera system starts working as soon as you put your vehicle into reverse. A discrete rear mounted camera will show you an image from behind your vehicle and show it on your vehicles factory fitted radio display offering you a clear reversing image. 

  • Using the rear view camera means you'll be able to manoeuvre quickly and easily, even into the most difficult parking space.
  • The live image can alert you to something that has moved into your path like a pedestrian or another vehicle allowing you to avoid a possible collision.
  • It also alerts you to low-down obstacles which parking sensors cannot always detect.
  • The reversing camera is also a great help when you're hitching up a trailer