Alarm System For Modern Cars

Alarm System For Modern Cars

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Our prices shown include V.A.T. and installation in standard vehicles.

This system is designed to work with modern vehicles that have a factory remote fob that operates the central locking on your vehicle. 


Standard Features:

  • Operates from your vehicles factory key fob (remote).
  • Fully integrated with modern vehicle electrical systems. 
  • Protection for Bonnet, Boot & Doors. 
  • Ultrasonic Sensors mounted inside the vehicle cabin help protect against thieves breaking windows.
  • Engine Immobiliser where applicable. Vehicles manufactured before 1996 and vehicles imported from outside the E.U. do not have a factory immobiliser system. 


Optional Extras:

  • Microwave Sensor - This sensor is designed for convertible cars. It allows you to alarm the interior of the car even with the roof down.
  • Tilt / Lift Sensor - This sensor is designed to trigger and alarm when an attempt is made to lift or tow the vehicle.
  • Self powered Siren - This upgraded siren will sound even if a thief disconnects the cars main starter battery. 
  • Tracking system integration. - Where applicable we can integrate the alarm system to trigger notifications via tracking systems that we have installed.