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Rear Parking Sensors

Rear Parking Sensors

Parking Sensors

Many drivers think that because they are good drivers, they don’t need parking sensors, especially those who have yet to experience an accident. However, parking sensors have nothing to do with how bad or good a driver you are. All of us experience situations where we just cannot see. Condensation, Ice, low lying objects or even people walking across your path can be detected by the sensors, even when you can’t see them.

Parking Made Easy

Whether the result is a damaged bumper, or something more serious, there are measures you can take to help prevent the accident in the first place. ICE Systems Parking Sensors can be fitted to both the rear and front of your vehicle to provide all round protection. Parking Sensors can be fitted to both brand new and older models of car or van. T

When you engage reverse gear the system will emit one beep to confirm it is operating. There is no further sound until an object comes within range (approximately 1.6 metres at the rear and 60cm meters at the corners). At this point the unit emits a beeping sound. As you move closer to an obstruction, the sound increases in frequency, until you are within 30cms. At this point the sound becomes a constant tone. Front sensors begin warning at approximately 90cms in the centre and 60cm at the corners and also become a solid tone when you are within 30cms. (Please note that these distances will appear to be shortened if the vehicle is moving too quickly. All parking systems are designed to work at low speeds .)

Main Features

  • 4 Ultra sonic reversing sensors
  • Recessed sensors for that factory finish
  • 12 Month Manufacturer Warranty
  • Professionally painted to the match the colour of your car

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